Lockdown Update: We’re working through your orders as quick as we can, please don’t contact us within the first 7 days of your order, payment will be taken via PayPal on completion and collections can be arranged once payment is taken.

Colour and traditional black and white film are all developed and printed on site in Cardiff! So there’s no need to wait 2 weeks to get your prints back. Our normal turn around is same-day for colour film and 48 hours for black and whites.

C41 Processing, Developing & Scanning

C41 developed colour photograph

We process colour film (including colour disposable cameras and C41 black & white films like Ilford XP2 & Kodak BW400CN) on site normally ready same day:

Process only: 35mm £4 – 120 £5

Process & print (4×6″ or equivalent): 35mm £9 – 120 £11

Process & scan: 35mm £7 or £12 – 120 £13

Process, print & scan: 35mm £10 or £13 – 120 £15

Traditional B&W Film

Black & White developed photograph

We hand process black and white film on site normally ready in 48 hours:

Process only: 35mm & 120 £7

Process & print (4×6″ or equivalent): 35mm & 120 £12

Process & scan: 35mm & 120 £15

Process, print & scan: 35mm & 120 £16

E-6 Colour Slide Film

E6 developed colour photograph

We can have your slide processed and mounted within 5 working days and even posted back to you via special delivery if required.

Process only: 35mm & 120 – £10

Process & scan: 35mm & 120 – £20

Process, print & scan: 35mm & 120 £25

Post us your film

If you want to use our film services via the mail, simply post your films along with our printable order form to the shop

Express Imaging,
172-174 City Road,
CF24 3JF

Once we’ve received your order we’ll get in touch for payment, either over the phone or via PayPal and then we’ll get your order posted back as quick as we can.

35mm Slide Writing

35mm mounted slide

Given that 35mm slides can still out-perform many of today’s digital projectors, you’ll be pleased to know that:

  • We can produce 35mm high quality colour slides from your digital images
  • They are ideal for exhibitions, fine art galleries, presentations and project submissions
  • For this specialist service we charge £4 per image converted to slide
  • If you have a large number of images, please contact us before placing your order.
  • For anyone wishing to have less than 10 slides produced, we have a minimum order of £40 (excluding postage and packing).
  • Guaranteed next day recorded delivery once the slides are ready to post can be arranged.

Please contact us to address any concerns that you might have regarding image quality and speak directly to one of our helpful team members for more details regarding our 35mm slide writing in Cardiff.

…not just 35mm & 120

We also can process APS, 110, 126 & 127 film but we would advice bringing the film in store for an accurate price and list of available options.